Tender: Review of Reactive Maintenance and Asset Management – Castlehill Housing Association

Castlehill Housing AssociationMaintenance Review Consultancy Brief


Castlehill Housing Association is working to deliver a more efficient, cost effective maintenance service within the organisation. The reactive maintenance function is currently delivered by the Housing Management department and the planned maintenance function by the Development department.  The distribution of functions/tasks between departments is based on historical decisions and circumstances, which are now in need of review. The services delivered  and legal requirements that the Association has to meet have changed and the method of service delivery needs to change to reflect this. There is regular liaison between the departments and functions, with a key aspect of this being our Asset Management Group, which aims to link the tenant services and property asset management aspects of how we currently work. Improving how we work as a team is a crucial aspect of commissioning this consultancy work.

We are seeking a consultant to work with us to review our maintenance functions and advise on changes which will ensure that they are fit for purpose both in terms of the service we provide to our tenants, our efficiency and value for money.

Background Info

Castlehill Housing Association (CHA) is the longest established Housing Association in North East Scotland (since 1970) and operates in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray.  CHA is a registered charitable organisation and has a long, successful track record in providing housing and associated support services.  CHA’s housing stock includes general needs properties, amenity, sheltered and very sheltered housing. The stock is mainly for rent but we have a small number of shared ownership properties.

Through our subsidiary, Grampian Community Care Charitable Trust, CHA provide specially designed housing for people with particular needs.  CHA also has a non charitable subsidiary “Castlehill Solutions”, established in 2011 to carry out activities complimentary to CHA but that could not be done by the parent charitable company.  Mid-market rented housing is provided via Castlehill Solutions.

As of 2017, CHA own and manage over 1,900 properties.

Castlehill has two offices in Aberdeen. The housing management and maintenance departments are based at 4 Carden Place and the development department which covers new development and asset management are based at 11 Waverley Place.

The consultant will have support from the Directors of Housing Services and Development and shall report to the Senior Management Team of the Association. Technical experience of housing maintenance/construction is required to fulfil this piece of work and a background in / understanding of the social housing sector is also preferred.

The key drivers for change are…

  1. To redress the historical allocation of work to improve efficiencies.
  2. To ensure best use of staff and IT resources within the organisation.
  3. To provide more control over service quality and improve customer care and satisfaction
  4. To ensure that the Association delivers value for money in relation to all technical services
  5. Review reporting requirements to ensure performance management and governance requirements are met.

The work

The key objective is to assess the current service delivery and put forward proposals for improvement and change

The following tasks will be required…

  1. Review current allocation of tasks between the planned and reactive services
  2. Review the staff structure and allocation of tasks and resources to deliver these services
  3. Conduct investigatory interviews with representatives from a range of technical staff within the organisation
  4. Investigate how existing/ new IT options could be incorporated into the organisation to more efficiently deliver maintenance functions
  5. Consider a performance management framework for the delivery of both reactive and planned services
  6. Clarify requirements of resources e.g. staff/Infrastructure/IT – needed to achieve the proposed structure
  7. Ensure proposed delivery/structure is compliant with all relevant legislation
  8. To look at the implications of proposed changes on reporting requirements.

The above tasks will also require to make reference to…

  1. Health and Safety/Legislative issues/Data Protection requirements
  2. Existing job descriptions for key technical staff
  3. Procurement legislation requirements
  4. Best practice

Timescales, Budget and Contact Details

Proposals are requested to be submitted by Monday 7th August 2017

The consultancy work should be completed within a maximum 2 month period and no later than the 27th of November 2017 or by a date to be agreed. It should be borne in mind that there is already a wealth of information within the organisation and that a key element of the work shall be review structures that are not failing but are in need of review by a fresh pair of eyes.

A maximum budget of £5,000 plus VAT and reasonable expenses is available for this work.

Proposals should be submitted to procurement@castlehillha.co.uk

If you wish to discuss this piece of work, please contact Fiona Murray on 01224 625822