England: Consultation begins on merger to create 12,700 home landlord

Boston Mayflower ShorelineTwo housing providers have launched a public consultation on a proposed merger to create a 12,700 home Greater Lincolnshire landlord.

The proposals could see Shoreline Housing Partnership and Boston Mayflower combine in November 2017 if the plans are approved.

Consultation with residents and employees of both housing providers as well as key stakeholders, local authorities and the wider community will run from Thursday 27 July 2017 until Monday 4 September 2017.

Both boards will carefully consider feedback before making a final decision.

Current Boston Mayflower and designate chief executive of a new organisation, Murray Macdonald, said: “Both Shoreline and Boston have spent over a year carefully considering the options and we believe that a merger brings the best of both organisations together – combining services, enhancing efficiencies and creating a locally based partnership that benefits tenants and the local communities we serve.

“We welcome the views of our tenants and hope they take the opportunity to be involved in the consultation.”

Residents have been sent information detailing the proposal, information is also available online and both providers will be carrying out a series of consultation events.

Consultation follows an extensive due diligence exercise as well as a three month independently-supported evaluation.

The rights, rents and tenancy and lease agreements of either landlord’s residents will be unaffected.

Shoreline owns and manages 7,900 former council homes across North East Lincolnshire while Boston Mayflower owns over 4,800 homes across the borough of Boston and south Lincolnshire.

Both housing providers are registered charities and community based organisations that channel any surpluses back into services and projects that benefit tenants.