Melville Board member celebrates 40 years in nursing

As part of celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS, Melville Housing Association Board member Emily Kasiera has been recognised for her 40 years in nursing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Since qualifying in 1979, Emily has worked across the NHS in many disciplines including orthopaedics, psychiatric care and most recently community support whilst still finding the time to volunteer as a Melville Housing Board member.

Emily Kasiera

“I have loved every minute of my 40 years in nursing,” said Emily. “The work is hard but it’s fantastically rewarding. Nursing has changed a lot in that time though. I’m a people person and that’s the side of it I enjoy the most. These days there’s a lot more emphasis on online learning and continual development; there’s no standing still. It certainly keeps you on your toes!”

Originally from Kenya, Emily moved to Penicuik from Aberdeen in 1979 following the completion of her nursing training. She currently works as a community nurse primarily helping people with learning difficulties and also patients recently discharged from hospital.

Emily said it is rewarding to be still working when many others around her are putting their feet up for a well-earned rest.

She added: “Nursing is just one of the things that keeps me active. I lead a very busy life anyway so it still makes sense for me to continue working. I can’t go on forever and who knows what tomorrow might bring but I still have a few years left in me.”

Alongside her nursing work Emily also found time to complete an honours degree in social sciences and likes to help out in the local community. Formerly a Melville tenant she bought her house under right-to-buy in 1999 but continues to have a keen interest in the availability of high quality, affordable housing across Midlothian and is currently enjoying a second term on the Melville Board.

“Working in a job as demanding as nursing for 40 years is a fantastic achievement,” said Melville chief executive Andrew Noble, “And to be able to combine it at the same time with all her community work, including her commitment to Melville, is even more impressive. Huge congratulations to Emily for everything she’s achieved. This recognition is richly deserved.”

Aside from work, her commitment to Melville and her wider community activities, Emily also loves to travel. Despite having lived with the Scottish climate for over 40 years she still misses the African sun. “I love Scotland, I’ve raised three children here and I’m now a British citizen but the weather is something I’ve never really got used to,” said Emily. “I try to return to Kenya a couple of times a year and in between times I do a lot of travelling around Europe. I have no immediate plans to retire but maybe in a few years I’ll be ready to take it a bit easier, although I’ll never give up the travel!”

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