Blog: How benefit cuts will hit the 50,000 homes programme

LHA restrictions will hamper the Scottish Government’s plan to deliver 50,000 homes over the next five years, writes David Bookbinder.

Published 13 October 2016

Blog: Our Citizenship Policy

ARK Housing Association chief executive, Jane Gray, writes about how its Citizenship Policy came about.

Published 10 October 2016

Blog: Private renting in Scotland: your house, your home?

By Ellie Hutchinson, private renting project manager at Shelter Scotland

Published 7 October 2016

Blog: Housebuilding should be prioritised, not impeded with GP surgeries

Housebuilder contributions to the cost of new surgeries will not solve the problem of under-pressure GP services, writes Harry Smith, Partner at Gillespie Macandrew

Published 5 October 2016

Blog: Breaking the cycle of child poverty

By Nora Uhrig, policy officer at Shelter Scotland

Published 4 October 2016

Blog: Putting it into practice: how to raise standards across Scotland’s private rented sector

By James Battye, policy officer with Shelter Scotland

Published 3 October 2016

Blog: Property managers advised to be code-compliant ahead of January 2018

Daryl McIntosh advises property managers to be well-prepared ahead of the introduction of new rules next year.

Published 30 September 2016

Blog: Tackling discrimination in housing

There is no doubt that the introduction of document checks has increased the incentive for landlords to discriminate. So what can be done? CIH policy adviser John Perry explains.

Published 28 September 2016

Blog: Why Housing Associations need to embrace FOI

By Chris Bartter – Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland

Published 22 September 2016

Blog: Finding our way with Glasgow Peer Support

By Rachael Clark, service manager for the Shelter Scotland Glasgow Housing Support & Prevent Service

Published 20 September 2016

Blog: Social Security – the chance for a new approach in Scotland

By Aoife Deery, policy officer at Shelter Scotland

Published 19 September 2016

Blog: Meeting housing demand, raising standards: social landlords and the private rented sector

Weslo were one of the first social landlords in Scotland to venture into the private rented sector market. Ahead of next week’s Shelter Scotland conference on the private rented sector, Mike Bruce, Weslo’s chief executive, shares his perspective on this move.

Published 13 September 2016

Blog: One year on from the Commission on Housing & Wellbeing

Adam Lang, head of communications and policy at Shelter Scotland, believes good progress has been made since the Commission on Housing and Wellbeing launched its report a year ago, but there is still a long way still to go.

Published 12 September 2016

Blog: Homelessness is Far From Fixed

By Rosemary Brotchie, policy and research manager for Shelter Scotland

Published 9 September 2016

Blog: A brief guide to the financial and non-financial performance of stock

By Meg Deasley, senior consultant, Docherty Consulting Limited

Published 7 September 2016