How to work successfully from home – SHARE

Who’s it for and what’s it all about?

Working from home is now becoming common place and lots of us do it as a matter of course. However, some of us didn’t choose to work from home but our current situation, having to social distance from others, has forced us into it. It certainly isn’t the office and with this brings different challenges; yes there is little travel, which is a bonus, but no one near to talk to and sometimes lots of distractions.

This one-hour session is for anyone working from home and is packed with tips to make this experience effective for you and your employer.

Course Content

  • Identifying the challenges of home working
  • Setting up your workspace
  • Daily routines
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Juggling multiple inputs
  • Managing children/overcoming guilt
  • Focusing on priorities
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Knowing when it’s time to stop working

Learning Outcomes

  • By the end of the session participants will have had the opportunity to:
  • Discuss the challenges faced with home working
  • Understand the importance of setting the workspace
  • Look at daily routines
  • Discuss the best way to avoid distractions
  • Look at the different ways in which information is coming in and how to manage this
  • Discuss working when children are around and overcoming the guilt
  • Consider how to keep on top of priorities
  • Look at ways of keeping healthy
  • Understand the importance of knowing when to stop working for the day

Date: 4th June 2020

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Trainer: David Longstaff

Cost: Member £25.00/ Non-member £50.00

The session will be hosted through a secured Zoom event, and can be done on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, Pc) that has internet access.

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