Reaching your goals with your team – SHARE

All leaders and managers are aware of the targets that they must strive to meet, but sometimes the journey towards meeting these targets can be difficult.  Getting from “A to B” requires a strong, organised and cohesive team.  When leading a team, it can be easy to focus on the outcomes without stopping to ensure that the processes are as effective as they can be.

SHARE is running a course to help managers reach their goals with their team, considering the basics such as: what are your goals; clarifying the tasks; and asking who is required to be involved.  Stripping back the tasks and drilling down into the particulars of what you need to achieve will help reinvigorate your teams’ sense of purpose and drive.

Reaching your goals with your team will also consider the ‘bigger picture’ of your teamwork and how to troubleshoot problems such as negativity.  This is a very interesting and engaging full day course with plenty opportunity for discussion and exchange.

If you are a new manager, or looking for a refresher to harmonise your teams and enhance their effectiveness then this would be of benefit to you. 

Reaching your goals with your team takes place on 26th September from 9.30am – 4.30pm at SHARE. 

You can find out more about the course and book your place via our website HERE

If you would like information about having this course delivered in-house please contact Julie-Ann on 0141 370 1539.