Resilience is vital to successful performance

There are many challenges in today’s working environment and it is easy to become overwhelmed by workload. 

Everyone deals with stress and pressure differently, however there are some tools and techniques that can help everyone to react to stressful and challenging conditions in a more positive way.  Ways which benefit your organisation but most importantly, ensures that you do not suffer adversely from the effects of stress. 

SHARE’s Building mental resilience course is designed to help you honestly appraise your own reactions to stressful and pressured work environments. Delegates will look at the mindset best suited to dealing with stress and some of the traits we can all foster to help keep us healthy and effective in the workplace.

Resilience is vital to successful performance. It helps individuals and organisations to ‘bounce back’ after workplace challenges, setbacks and crisis with commitment and optimism. Therefore, it’s a key skill for employees at all levels, in all professions.

Delegates will consider techniques such as positive thinking, impulse control, attention control, visualisation, goal setting, and self-awareness.

This course is useful for all staff who deal with pressured and stressful situations and would like to learn how to better approach these situations.

Building mental resilience takes place on 25th September from 9.30am - 4.30pm at SHARE. 

You can find out more about the course and book your place HERE