Preparing housing staff for court - SHARE

Who is it for and what is it about?

This course is suitable for any housing staff involved in the process of managing breach of tenancy cases for rent arrears and anti-social behaviour, which proceed to court stage.  It will be delivered by a solicitor and will discuss the preparation and paperwork that housing staff must complete before initiating proceedings, the procedures that must be followed when pursuing legal action and the presentation of cases in the courtroom.

Course Outline

  • The paperwork and procedures that should be completed before escalating a case to legal proceedings
  • Discussion of the key aspects of preparation that all housing staff must undertake
  • A walk through the type of actions that can be pursued by housing associations, the timescales, and possible outcomes
  • An overview of what will happen on the day the case is in court

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Be more confident in pursuing cases through legal actions
  • Ensure that their preparation for court is suitable and sufficient to support cases
  • Understand the court processes that cases move through and the possible outcomes at each stage
  • Be more aware of what will happen when a case is in court

Date: 25th January 2022

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Trainer: BTO

Costs: Members £110.00/Non-Members £210.00

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