SHARE: A holistic approach to allocations

A holistic approach to allocations

Who is it for and what’s it about?

This course is for housing practitioners with responsibility for allocations. The course will examine existing good practice in relation to maintaining housing lists, offers and refusals and tenancy sustainment.

In addition, the new measures contained within the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 regarding the changes to reasonable preference, consultation and home ownership will be considered, together with an exploration of the new tenancy types and qualifying periods.

The course provides a holistic approach to allocations ranging from strategic to day-to-day functions.

Course outline

  • Applying for housing
  • Housing options advice
  • Pre-tenancy advice and tenancy sustainment
  • Local agreements
  • Section 5 referrals
  • Managing lists
  • Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Offering properties
  • Target setting and monitoring
  • Statistical information
  • Tenancy types
  • Legal framework and good practice

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of pre-tenancy advice
  • Explore ways of effectively allocating homes
  • Understand partnership working
  • Examine good practice and the current legal framework

Date: 7th July 2022

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Trainer: Patricia Gallagher

Costs: Members £100.00/Non-Members £200.00

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