SHARE: Covenants & long-term financial planning for Committee/Board

Paul McNeill is to deliver a timely session on covenants and long-term financial planning for SHARE.

The recent surprise announcement of a rent freeze in Scotland, coupled with mounting costs across many areas of the business means that housing associations and co-operatives are reconsidering their financial planning, re-framing risk and re-thinking long term plans.

In order to equip committees and boards to make the best decisions for their organisations, housing finance specialist Paul McNeill will deliver a bespoke session for members who want to learn more about covenants, loan commitments and how these impact on your future financial planning, especially in the current economic climate.

As many governing bodies grapple with the impact these various pressures will have on their organisation, it is crucial to keep lenders in the loop about decisions you may be faced with that could adversely affect existing agreements and be able to make well-informed choices about future lending decisions and options.

This online session will give committee/boards members an overview of the key terms, definitions and issues around covenants, along with an overview of the topic in the context of the current economic crisis.

Spaces are limited. To book, please click HERE