SHARE: Dealing with tenant and staff disputes using mediation techniques

SHARE and Scottish Mediation have collaborated on a course to help housing professionals have more productive conversations.

Here at SHARE, we often get a window into the housing world by virtue of the training we are asked for. Right now, it would seem that a lot of our colleagues are dealing with difficult conversations, frustrated customers and what can sometimes seem like impossible situations to resolve.

Whilst dealing with a wide array of difficult circumstances requires a well-rounded suite of tools and training, resolving issues for tenants where you can, will lead to higher customer satisfaction and higher job satisfaction. In a world where it is easy to feel helpless now, resolving some problems we are presented with can make a huge difference.

Mediation usually conjures images of warring factions and refereeing intense disputes, and yes it can be a useful way to resolve disputes, but it is at heart a way to listen differently, to frame questions differently and find workable solutions.

When faced with anger and frustration from a customer, or difficult conversations with staff, being able to look at the issues within the context of common interests and achievable outcomes rather than entrenched or inflexible positions can take away the dread we can often feel when we embark on these conversations.

Mediation techniques is ultimately about how we communicate and how we solve problems, two of the most important skills needed for housing professionals today. To learn more about these skills with experts from Scottish Mediation click HERE.