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This is a comprehensive six evening introductory programme for new Committee/Board members or those who want, or need a refresher.

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Who’s it for and what’s it about?

14.09.2022 – Housing Associations/Co-operatives – an introduction

The first session in the series gives some background on the history of the development of housing associations in Scotland, how they are run along with an introduction to the role of the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Delegates will be provided with an overview of the current challenges facing the sector as well as an introduction to the various organisations Committee/Board members might come into contact with.

05.10.2022 – The role of the Committee/Board

This session will examine the role of the Committee/Board within a housing context as well as how that role works with staff and the role of staff in general. Delegates will also look at the Committee/Board role in governance, confidentiality, codes of conduct, Scottish Housing Regulator’s governance framework.

18.10.2022 – Housing management – an introduction

This session will provide participants with an overview of the law and regulation that applies to housing management as well as the basics of allocations, rent management, dealing with anti-social behaviour and estate management.

02.11.2022 – Finance – an introduction

All Committee/Board members should have a broad understanding of the role finance plays within the management of their organisation; however one of the difficulties people experience is in how to read and question the information being provided.

This session will provide Committee/Board with an understanding of how finance operates within the housing sector. It is designed to provide you with an overview of the key areas in finance including the Committee’s/Board’s role in financial management, understanding financial terminology, the financial tools used and the key questions to ask.

16.11.2022 – Maintenance – an introduction

This course will look at the importance of the maintenance function within a housing association as well as the legislation underpinning the maintenance service and the role of the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Delegates will examine SHQS, EESH, EPCs, gas safety checks as well as health and safety requirements. This session will also examine reactive, cyclical and planned maintenance and your role on the Committee/Board in monitoring performance.

 30.11.2022 – Development – an introduction

This session will introduce Committee/Board members to their role within a planned development programme. Delegates will explore funding options and examine the procurement process.

As part of this session, delegates will also be introduced to the Scottish Social Housing Charter as it relates to development and what performance indicators you should be aware of. Design standards, specifications and sustainability as well as the basics of risk management will also be covered.

Dates: 14th September 2022 - 30th November 2022

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Costs: Members £600.00/Non-Members £1,200.00

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