Clackmannanshire is best performing council in terms of rent loss due to empty properties

Clackmannanshire Council has been ranked as the best performing local authority in Scotland when it comes to rent loss due to empty properties, as well as a number of other indicators.

Having improved its performance across a range of measures in the 2019/20 financial year, Clackmannanshire’s overall average ranking improved substantially, from 27th to 16th place out of the 32 Scottish local authorities in the latest Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

A report on the Framework, focusing on Clackmannanshire’s performance in 2019/20 in relation to previous years, targets and other Scottish local authorities, was discussed at this week’s meeting of the audit committee.

The committee heard that, in 2019/20, performance improved or remained consistent in 54% of indicators, and was close to or exceeded targets in 55%. 51% of Clackmannanshire’s rankings were in the top half of councils with 58% of indicators performing above (or within 1% of) the Scottish average. 

Clackmannanshire achieved the best results in Scotland for:

  • B class road condition
  • Rent loss due to empty properties
  • Early years & Adult care inspections
  • School exclusions
  • Costs for Looked After Children (residential),
  • Older people’s homecare costs
  • Council tax collection costs

Cllr Helen Lewis, spokesperson for partnership & third sector, said: “While this data refers to the financial year immediately preceding the pandemic, meaning it reflects a very different landscape to the reality we now face, it still gives me satisfaction to see such a level of improvement in our performance.

“While there is always opportunity to improve, council officers should take pride in what has been achieved. This information will be an important part of the work already underway to look at the prioritising our available funding on areas that can help improve the lives and futures of Clackmannanshire’s communities.”

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