Clydebank multis to be demolished

Councillor David McBride

West Dunbartonshire Council has voted to proceed with the £1.2 million demolition of three multi-storey blocks – Newshot, Edmonstone and Howcraigs Courts – and four maisonette blocks – Clydeholm, Hamilton and Yokerbu rn Terraces – at Clydebank East.

Demolition of the blocks will be phased over  three years and while there are no current plans to build on the site, it will be it available for future development of social housing stock.

Clydebank East boasts more than 330 flats in the multi-storey blocks , but almost half of these are currently empty due to maintenance and repair issues.

The council had approved plans earlier in the year to redevelop the land, consulting with residents and the local community on whether to proceed with a full or partial demolition and rebuild.

Feedback was mixed, with more than half of the residents wanting to move from the area, while 46 per cent said they wanted to stay.

Councillor David McBride, convener of housing, said: “This was a hard decision, but in the end the full demolition option seemed to reflect the desire of the greatest number of residents. By clearing the site for future regeneration projects it will help to remove the stigma which is often associated with this area, and gives us the opportunity to look at more creative ways to develop the site.”

Councillor Lawrence O’Neill, viceconvener of housing,  told the Evening Times: “Residents living in Clydebank East all had mixed feelings about what was best for the future of the area. We had to make a decision which we felt was in the best interests of tenants, residents and the wider community of Clydebank.”

He added, “Many of these properties are in a poor condition and demand to live here has been reducing each year. Demolishing all the properties will provide future developments a blank canvas to work from which would allow fresh life to be brought to the area.”

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