Council urges residents to report rogue tradesmen

West_Dunbartonshire_CouncilWest Dunbartonshire Council has urged residents to report rogue tradesmen after a rise in the number of fly-tipping incidents related to home improvement works.

A significant amount of illegally dumped waste has been discovered in a number of areas across the region, including paving slabs and old garden fences.

The council said while door-to-door traders might carry out any work quickly, it is often not completed to a high standard and its possible rubbish would not be disposed of in a responsible way.

The local authority’s Environmental Pollution Group is working alongside Trading Standards to tackle the problem and raise awareness amongst residents.

A fixed penalty of £200 can be handed out to anyone caught fly-tipping, or if the matter ends up going to court a fine of up to £40,000 or imprisonment can be imposed.

Cllr Kath Ryall said: “Fly-tipping is irresponsible and not only blights the areas where it occurs but also costs the tax payer every time illegally dumped items have to be removed.

“While it might be tempting to have work carried out by companies offering cheaper prices, unless you have carried out the proper checks to ensure they are legitimate then think again. It is your responsibility to ensure that any waste produced on your property is only taken by someone who is a registered waste carrier. If you don’t and the waste is then dumped illegally then you could be held jointly liable along with the fly-tipper.”

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