Electrical safety campaign urges North Lanarkshire tenants to get a home check-up

Housing ElectricianNorth Lanarkshire Council is urging its residents to think about their household safety and help reduce the numbers of deaths and serious injuries involving unsafe electrical devices in the home.

Every year, around 10 people in the UK are killed and about 750 seriously injured in accidents involving defective electrical equipment.

Des Murray, assistant chief executive, explained: “We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring your electrical devices are safe to use.

“The consequences of using older or faulty devices can be devastating. Faulty equipment should normally be replaced or repaired if possible and it is important to get your devices regularly checked to make sure they remain safe to use.

“If in doubt – throw them out. The risks just aren’t worth taking.

“Risks are normally low, however poorly maintained products, aged wiring systems and overloaded circuits can be a dangerous combination.”

Des Murray
Des Murray

The council, responsible for around 37,000 homes, is reminding tenants to allow its appointed electricians access to their homes so wiring, devices and installations can be checked.

Des Murray added: “We carry-out vital checks in our tenants’ homes to ensure installations and wiring is in a safe and serviceable condition. If they are found to be faulty we will fix the problem.

“Tenants should keep to the pre-arranged electrical test service dates or contact us to book a more suitable date if required.”

Tenants will be notified in advance by letter that an electrical safety check is scheduled to be completed at their home.

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