ng homes building, bridging and bonding

unnamedResidents from Viewpoint and Balgrayhill Multi-storey flats have been enjoying their new community spaces  with activities

Supported by ng homes’ Build, Bridge, Bond project to bring residents together and find out how they would like to see the community spaces used.

The residents suggsted a variety of ideas on activities and some of these have taken place over the past few weeks.

Balgrayhill and Viewpoint residents have, so far, been invited to join in with bingo and games every Thursday morning at 11am–1pm in the modern surroundings of the ground floor space at 178 Balgrayhill Road Multi Storey flats.

The activities provide an opportunity to socialise and chat over some tea and biscuits with other residents and ng homes staff.

Residents can also have a say in what activities should be delivered in future. Residents have found this useful, with some signing up for Home Energy Checks with ng homes energy advisors.

Residents who recently took part in some community consultations indicated that people in the area would like to see the space in use more often for community activities.

Housing officers and concierge staff will pay regular visits to the sessions, too, as well as representatives from key partner organisations providing information about services available to residents.

Build Bridge Bond is a project funded through the Scottish Government’s People and Communities Fund which seeks to bring people of all age groups and cultures together through a variety of creative activities.

For more information about Build Bridge Bond, please contact Kevin Carroll, Project Development Co-ordinator on 0141 560 6000.