Non-essential repairs in Moray Council homes to resume

Non-emergency repairs in council homes in Moray will resume from September 1.

Tenants will soon be contacted by Moray Council to arrange appointments for outstanding repairs.

Since lockdown in March, only emergency repairs have been carried out, to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. With an increased number of qualified tradespeople now available and safe working practices established - including social distancing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the backlog of non-emergency repairs can be tackled.

Where possible, tenants are asked to stay in a different room while our tradespeople carry out assessments and repairs. When booking an appointment, tenants will be asked to confirm there is no-one in the household is shielding, self-isolating, with coronavirus, or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

Richard Anderson, Moray Council’s head of housing and property, praised council tenants for their understanding, as many will have waited months for non-essential repairs to be carried out.

He said: “We’ve continued to carry out hundreds of emergency repairs since lockdown – those which pose a danger to a member of the household, or a property itself – and we’ve also been carrying out statutory gas inspections. Thanks to all who have acted responsibly during these visits by our staff, and who have treated our workforce with respect.

“Now we’re in a position to take on some non-emergency repairs, I’d urge residents to continue showing patience. We are facing a backlog which will take time to work through, and we will be in touch as soon as we can. It’s more important than ever that appointments are kept, so we can help as many tenants as quickly as possible. Bear in mind there may be some jobs which we’re unable to do with the current social distancing restrictions in place.

“To keep tenants safe, our workers will display their ID badge, wear PPE and maintain a two-metre distance from others in the household.”

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