Perth building given new lease of life as high-quality council flats

Nimmo Place 2A former children’s home in Perth which has been refurbished to provide new council flats was officially opened today to mark Scottish Housing Day.

The property in Nimmo Place has been converted into four new flats by Perth & Kinross Council. The council built another two new flats as part of development, producing six new units in total.

All of the flats have been built to the highest possible energy efficiency standards to help minimise the bills of tenants and reduce the carbon footprint of Perth and Kinross.

The development, which consists of two 2-bed flats and four 1-bed flats, was visited today by council leader, Councillor Ian Miller and housing and health convener, Councillor Dave Doogan.

The council is looking to provide new affordable housing for people in a variety of different ways. As well as an extensive programme of building new council homes, the council is also looking to convert old buildings into accommodation.

In addition to the flats at Nimmo Place, former offices in St Catherine’s Road, Perth, have recently been converted into eight flats and a bedsit which have all been let to new tenants. And a former police station in Glengarry Road, Perth, has also been given new life as a development of four new council flats.

Nimmo PlaceCouncillor Doogan said: “The council has constructed over 200 new council houses during the last three years under our programme of new builds. Alongside this, we are always looking for possible redevelopment sites where disused buildings can be refurbished to provide valuable affordable accommodation for people. Bringing disused buildings back into use has been one of my priorities since I became convener in 2012.

“The fantastic recent developments at Nimmo Place, St Catherine’s Road and Glengarry Road have all brought on stream much-needed social housing. They have also significantly improved the environment for people living nearby the sites.”

Councillor Miller added: “As a council we are committed to increasing our affordable housing stock through projects like this, as well as our ongoing programme of new builds and our ‘Buy-Back’ scheme to purchase former local authority homes.

“We will continue to look for buildings that can be developed for social housing so we can provide as much affordable social hosing as we can in Perth and Kinross.

“I’m very happy on Scottish Housing Day to see this building at Nimmo Place looking so good and ready to receive new council tenants.”

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