Popular Whiteinch café provided with support by Glasgow contractor

A popular café located in Glasgow’s Whiteinch Centre has been provided with much-needed support as a result of a multi-million-pound planned maintenance project between Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association and CCG (Scotland) Ltd.

The Association has appointed CCG Asset Management, a division of the CCG Group, to undertake a suite of upgrades to over 1,000 households as part of a four-year programme.

As a direct result of the £8.5 million contract, which includes the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms amongst other upgrades, CCG has been able to donate new kitchen cabinets, worktops and components as well as vinyl flooring to the Whiteinch Centre Café on Northinch Street, just off Dumbarton Road.

Since the Centre opened, the café has been run by businesses renting the space but last year, Whiteinch Centre Ltd (WCL), the charity who run the building on behalf of the community, took over the running of the café directly with a view to extending the range of affordable food, catering and training opportunities available on site. However, with the temporary closure of the Centre, as a result of the COVID lockdown, it was established that new fittings were needed before the café facility could re-open.

Gordon Keenan, the business development manager for the Whiteinch Centre, said: “Like many community organisations, charities such as WCL have been hit hard by the pandemic crisis and while we have been able to offer community initiatives remotely, the whole point of a building like the Centre is to provide an actual physical community focus. So the support we have received from CCG in helping to refit the café has come at the perfect time and we cannot thank them enough for their kind gesture.”

Ian Morrison, who is both chief executive of the Housing Association and sits on the board of WCL, said: “The Association has a long and positive working relationship with CCG and it’s no surprise that they are so willing to help a community-based charity in such a generous way, for which we would also extend our gratitude on behalf of the community.”

CCG Asset Management manager, Stephen Riley, added: “The CCG Group is well-known for our community support and we are acutely aware of how valuable it can be during these current times so we were all too happy to help the Whiteinch Centre We hope the new appliances are put to good use and they continue to deliver a valuable community service to the people of Whiteinch.”

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