Property trading academy launched to help young entrepreneurs

Glasgow property investor Reece Devlin has set up a trading academy to help budding young entrepreneurs build an exciting future for themselves.

Reece Devlin

Under his guidance, successful applicants will be given the tools to take the first steps into the property investment market, whether that is ‘buy-to-lets’ or ‘buy-to-flips’.

During the course, participants will learn everything from investor strategies to opportunity marketing and sales and negotiation tactics.

Mr Devlin, 23, has established himself as one of Scotland’s most progressive property investors after turning his back on a career as a door-to-door salesman four years ago.

He personally delivers the modules and said: “I have a real passion for property and that’s why I made the change a few years ago. My dream is to help young people change their lives the way I managed to change mine.

“People have to take their dream and work hard to turn it into a reality and that’s where I can help.

“Building a foundation of knowledge is essential for success. As long as someone has the drive and passion to learn, the Property Trading Academy can help them by teaching them everything they need to know when it comes to getting ahead of the curve in property trading.”

He added: “The property journey has so many highs and low. If a person is going into a business because they think it’ll make them money, then they’re never going to succeed. They have to be passionate about it and care about what they’re doing.

“Education means nothing if someone doesn’t use it, and aren’t willing to apply it. We’re here to help with that and mentor people who have the necessary characteristics to succeed.”

The academy also provides guidance on compliance, while graduates will be given access to Mr Devlin’s trusted team of partners including his legal advisors, construction manager, mortgage broker, letting agents and estate agents.

“It has been a really tough year for the country, and especially the younger people,” he said.

“If the academy can provide an outlet for some ambitious young people to refocus and make a success of their lives, then I’ll be delighted.”