Queens Cross achieves international excellence award

Queens Cross Housing Association has achieved an internationally recognised excellence award for their work to improve services to tenants.

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) status enables organisations to demonstrate how well they are performing against globally recognised definitions of excellence.

Queens Cross’s successful EFQM team

The EFQM assessment process is independent and objective and helps organisations to continuously achieve better performance.

Queens Cross’s 200 staff manage more than 4300 homes in northwest Glasgow. Last year 96% of the association’s housing stock met the Scottish Housing Quality Standard with the remaining 158 properties exempt.

“We have an excellent track record in providing quality housing but we cannot stand still. EFQM provides us with a framework and independent validation to allow us to continue to provide better services to tenants to help improve their quality of life,” said Queens Cross’s business strategy manager, Margaret Brannan.

Queens Cross submitted three projects for evaluation. Tracking how successful the association is at giving something back to the community through environmental improvements or charitable contributions, the implementation of new tenant management software and a project to improve customer resolution at the first point of contact.

It aimed to increase the number of customer enquiries resolved by a single member of staff from 57% to 70%.

“A key complaint from tenants is being moved from pillar to post when they have an enquiry, it is time consuming and frustrating for them. EFQM has given us the focus and direction we needed to improve and we are well on the way to achieving our target,” said Margaret.

Quality Scotland is the home of the EFQM Excellence Model in Scotland.

Assessor Ann Pike said: “Queens Cross demonstrated that their improvement plans for each project were laid out in a very detailed and comprehensive way. Research was carried out internally to help plan approaches with maximum benefit to staff and the whole organisation.

“In all three projects there were clear ways to measure the positive impact of these activities on people, tenants and the overall organisation.

“A good, sound understanding of the EFQM model by the organisation was evident which helped effectively structure and manage improvement activity while remaining focussed on the desired result.”

Queens Cross is now planning to move to use the EFQM model across more of its planned projects and to achieve the next level of accreditation next year. 

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