Residents’ satisfaction with West Dunbartonshire Council continues to rise

West_Dunbartonshire_CouncilThe results of an annual telephone survey have revealed a continued increased in residents’ satisfaction with West Dunbartonshire Council in 2015.

The survey of 1,200 randomly selected residents was conducted by independent researchers on a range of key issues and service areas and shows that 87 per cent of residents believe that West Dunbartonshire Council is efficient and well run – compared to 79 per cent for 2014.

A further 84 per cent of residents agreed that the council services offer value for money (compared to 82 per cent in 2014).

In total, 75 per cent felt the council takes account of residents views (compared to 72 per cent in 2014), and 78 per cent would speak highly of West Dunbartonshire Council (compared to 70 per cent in 2014).

There was positive feedback on a number of services with 92 per cent of residents saying they were satisfied with the area’s schools, and 93 per cent satisfied with the Waste Service they are provided with.

In addition, 93 per cent of residents said they were satisfied with the overall services they receive from the council.

The survey did show that 56 per cent of residents remained dissatisfied by roads maintenance in the area although this was a marked improvement on the previous year’s score. Roads maintenance is a historic problem faced by councils across Scotland after decades of underinvestment. The council has recognised this and in the budget set in February a commitment to invest £5m in local roads was agreed.

Councillor Kath Ryall, convener of corporate services, said: “It is pleasing that satisfaction levels with the council continue to increase. The feedback received from residents is really important in the drive to constantly improve services for communities throughout West Dunbartonshire. The results from this survey show that in most areas the council is delivering for residents and for that a big ‘well done’ goes to the thousands of council employees who work tirelessly to be the best they can.”

Councillor Tommy Rainey, depute convener of corporate services, added: “It is now three years since these surveys began and there has been a steady rise in satisfaction amongst residents. This gives a good indication of the areas that the council is performing well in and also provides an update on where our residents would like to see improvements. This information is helpful in shaping future plans, and while the council is certainly moving in the right direction, there is always more work to be done.”

West Dunbartonshire Council was one of the first local authorities in Scotland to introduce a monthly telephone survey asking local residents what they think of its services.

The rolling survey is conducted by an independent social research company who call 100 residents every month from across the area, ensuring that the sample covers a representative cross section of residents in West Dunbartonshire. The first surveys began in January 2013 and individual interviews take approximately five minutes.

A summary of the full-year results can be found on the council website by searching for ‘Council telephone satisfaction survey’. If residents would like to actively contribute to this consultation they can fill in an on-line version of the survey on the same web page.

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