Sanctuary funding making a difference to lives of Cumbernauld residents

Thousands of Cumbernauld residents struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic are being supported to make ends meet by a local charity.

Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council is working with hundreds of families and people living alone to ensure they have enough food and are staying fit and healthy.

Thanks to a £10,000 grant from Sanctuary Scotland, the group has spent the past few months cooking around 10,000 meals for children, adults and pensioners alike as well as delivering food parcels and offering wellbeing advice.

Sanctuary’s funding has also enabled the community council to run a series of online cookery classes where residents can learn how to prepare meals on a budget and cook in bulk.

Mental health support groups for men and women have also been established to provide somewhere for people to meet together and chat.

In addition, the council has been supporting residents with essential household items, furniture and clothing, most of which has been stored in a garage donated by Sanctuary.

Frances Park, from the Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council, said: “This is a challenging time for many people in our local communities so being able to provide this support is extremely important.

“Whether it is by cooking a meal, offering items of clothing or just being somebody to talk to, this funding is making a huge difference to residents’ lives.”

Sanctuary Scotland, which manages more than 7,000 homes, provided the grant as part of the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund.

Community development officer Anthony Morrow added: “I am delighted that we have been able to provide this money during such difficult times.

“It has been great to see the work being done in and around Cumbernauld helping people through COVID-19 and beyond.”

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