Snap of tenant’s daily routine wins national photography award

Andrew with Sarah and Buster outside his home as they set of for a walk
Andrew with Sarah and Buster outside his home as they set of for a walk

A young man who was previously homeless and supported by Loretto Care has won a national photography award.

Andrew Hunter, from Stirling, won the ‘No Place like Home’ competition run by the Housing Support and Enabling Unit (HSEU).

The picture, called ‘Off for a walk ….. again’, shows Andrew, his partner Sarah and dog Buster, leaving the house.

It’s an ordinary picture which tells an important story.

The theme of the competition was ‘What does your home mean to you and how does your home increase your well-being?’

Andrew picked up his prize at the Scottish Housing and Support Conference in Edinburgh last month - a prestigious event attended by housing minister Margaret Burgess.

After years of living in care and in homeless accommodation, Andrew was supported by Loretto Care - which is part of Wheatley Group - to turn his life around.

He recently moved into his own flat in Stirling - and finds pleasure in the simple things in life, like walking.

Andrew said: “Sometimes small things in life are the best.

“Walking has become a regular part of our life - we all enjoy the exercise, being out in the fresh air and meeting our new neighbours.

“I used to have to sneak Buster out of the building when living in temporary flats.

“Now I can walk him with pride and enjoy the interactions when people want to pet him – he’s a great dog and is friendly with everyone.

“We live in a nice area with lots of parks and fields and, although I live in a one-bedroom flat, Buster gets so much exercise he spends most of his time at home recovering for the next walk.

“Sarah and I also feel fitter and healthier and are able to spend time every day doing something we both enjoy.

“Buster is great for me and has calmed me down big time. Sarah also brings peace into my life.

“Now I have Sarah and Buster to look after. They’d be lost without me and I’d be lost without them.”

Cathy Fallon, Loretto director, said: “It’s a great achievement for Andrew to have won this award. He’s really come a long way and turned his life around.

“He received a lot of support from staff at Loretto Care and we’re all so happy for him.”




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