South Ayrshire Council submits plans for 160 new homes near Ayr Racecourse

South Ayrshire Council has submitted plans to build 160 new homes located at Mainhold Road beside Ayrshire Racecourse.

The homes will consist of a mix of bungalows, two-storey houses and flats as well as six-bedroom houses which can be divided into two properties if needed.

An area has also been put aside for a new community centre in the future.

Most of the homes will offer two or three bedrooms, but a few will have four, five and six, The Ayrshire Post reports.

A design statement submitted by the council said it would be possible to split the largest homes into two three-bedroom homes depending on what the families needed.

The statement reads: “The amenity housing will be built first and will house residents from the Riverside flats, which are in line for demolition.”

There are to be 69 three-storey flats offering one and two bedrooms with a communal garden. One flat will be available for all residents to use as ‘common room’ - boasting a kitchen, office and community space. Eight cottage flats are also part of the proposals with individual gardens.


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