Wellhouse chair has 20/20 vision for next decade

Darron Brown, chair of Wellhouse Housing Association, has outlined the Association priorities for the upcoming decade.

Darron Brown

The Association’s 20/20 vision includes, for 2020/21, £1.1 million in planned reinvestment; almost £700k earmarked for responsive work; working with Glasgow City Council on bin area upgrades; carrying out site investigations and valuations on three vacant sites and embarking on a new relationship with a local community development trust to grant aid community activities in Wellhouse.

The Association is embarking on a review of its highly successful income advice service, to ensure its residents are fully supported and household incomes are boosted. It will also be delivering a new business plan specifically for the community hub in Wellhouse.

Darron Brown said: “As the new chair, I am delighted to be announcing the launch of 20/20 vision – a reaffirmation of our role as a community controlled housing association working for the benefit of our community.

“Wellhouse Housing Association is a significant social business, with an annual turnover of £3.8 million - we remain committed to using our financial strength to benefit all members of our community, we are clear about our future vision and, as always, we will work to make Wellhouse the Place to Be.”

Mr Brown added: “We are also ensuring we support staff and committee wellbeing, training and personal development over the same period. Our people are our greatest asset and we are all committed to excellent service delivery and the highest standards of governance.”

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