WSHA launches video to highlight annual performance

West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) has released a new video highlighting key performance findings from its Scottish Social Housing Charter and Annual Report 2017/18.

The report provides an overview of how WSHA performs in relation to key service indicators given by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The past year saw WSHA return to being a stand-alone association after it finalised its separation from Gentoo Group.

During 2017/18, there were a number of highlights including an increase in satisfaction with WSHA’s repairs service, with a significant improvement in the time taken to complete emergency repairs. The Association demonstrated its commitment to meaningfully involving tenants in its decision making by recruiting a tenant engagement officer to work closely with its Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) and developing a Tenant Engagement Strategy.

WSHA also pledged to be more visible in the communities it serves and a staff restructure was fully implemented which allowed staff to dedicate more time to frontline work.

In the report’s foreword, WSHA stated: “Whilst we are reassured with the progress made, we recognise there is still work to be done to fully deliver outstanding services. During 2018/19, tenants, staff and Board will work together to build on past successes by focusing on improving customer service, finding out what you need from us, improving the quality of our homes and delivering our new build development programme.”

You can view the full report here.

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