Aberdeen hails success of housing policy as waiting list drops by 1,500

Aberdeen City Council has reduced the number of people waiting to be housed in the city by more than 1,000 over the last five years, new figures have shown.

Aberdeen hails success of housing policy as waiting list drops by 1,500

Council co-leader Jenny Laing

The local authority waiting list has fallen from more than 7,600 in 2015 to around 6,100.

The council said it expects the number of people waiting to fall further by the end of the year as more stock becomes available.

Council co-leader Jenny Laing said: “I am pleased that the administration’s housing policy of investing in council and affordable homes is paying off.

“The 1,576 reduction on the council waiting list shows what can be done if you are willing to invest in social housing.

“The number on our housing waiting list has steadily reduced following the introduction of our social housing policy.

“We started in 2015 with 7,686 on our waiting list but that figure has now fallen to 6,110 and I expect that to drop even further as more council and affordable homes become available in 2020.

“While having over 6,000 on the waiting list is still concerning, I am confident that by the end of this year further council housing sites will be announced which will help to reduce the waiting list even more.”

Aberdeen City Council said it is on track to meet its a 2017commitment to have 2,000 council houses and 3,000 affordable homes built or under construction by 2022, with more than 1,000 homes already occupied and hundreds more under construction.

Work is under way at sites across the city, including Dyce, Tillydrone and Kincorth.

Discussions are continuing with developers and housing associations to provide more accommodation for those needing it.

Mrs Laing added: “In 2017 our administration made a commitment to have 2,000 council homes and 3,000 affordable homes either built or under construction by 2022 and I am pleased to report that, three years into our term of office, we are well on our way to delivering that ambitious target.

“In 2018, as part of the budget process, the administration committed £250m to provide additional council homes.

“I am delighted that 1,077 council homes are being built while 1,125 affordable homes have been completed and are already housing Aberdeen residents.”

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