Aberdeenshire growth plans include sites for almost 2,000 new homes

Aberdeenshire Council’s LDP has revealed that housing allowances for 2020-2032 will increase to 10,214, a rise of 1,879 homes.

Aberdeenshire growth plans include sites for almost 2,000 new homes

The new homes could be built in Mill of Newburgh, Fetterangus, St Combs and on land north of Denview Road in Potterton.

A large proportion of the sites are a continuation of the 2017 blueprint, detailing the length of time needed by developers to complete the projects in the current climate.

Ongoing projects include the expansion of Donald Trump’s Menie Estate, the growing development at Blackdog and the 980 homes and school for Cromleybank in Ellon.

However, a number of new allocations have also been included in the plan. Brownfield land at the former Kingseat Hospital, The Trump Organisation intends to expand at Menie with 300 more houses, will all see further development at the respective sites.

Several buildings have been knocked down at the site of the former Kingseat Hospital and it has been redeveloped by Avant Homes, but now the remaining former hospital buildings will also be converted to residential use.

A further 40 homes are planned at the former Glen O’Dee Hospital, which was damaged by a fire in 2016.

A new fitness club is earmarked for construction at the land south of Portlethen Club House and the town may also get a new garden centre, restaurant and drive-through restaurant, The Press and Journal reports.

The LP has revealed that in regards to the Portlethen Club House land, “there are a number of technical assessments that may be required before the development can start”.

In Kincardine O’Neil retail and cafe services have been planned, but the LDP says development should be “non-intrusive to the unique setting of the village”.

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