Adelle Burnett: Link Housing was the place I wanted to be

Adelle Burnett: Link Housing was the place I wanted to be

Link housing officer Adelle Burnett reflects on her route into housing.

I worked in IT for 18 years and when I got redundancy, that was the opportunity for me to look for something I really wanted to do. I was looking at the job market to see what was out there, and what would really interest me and noticed that there were various jobs in housing. I had a look at those to see what is required, what skills, what kind of person you need to be. I thought that’s something that I would actually really, really love to do.

Also, because I was a Link tenant in the past as well. My mum had her home through Link. We were Link tenants for 18 years. So, being able to give something back, something really positive that was also a key driver for me. When looking for jobs, Link Housing was the place I wanted to be.

Being a Link tenant was definitely a deciding factor in wanting to work for Link as an organisation because we had such a positive experience. Link Housing were fantastic. They were such a good landlord for my mum and I. So, for me, seeing great work that they did for us and the support they provided our family, being able to be part of that and a part of Link and provide that service for other people that meant everything to me.

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