All grow at new southside community garden thanks to Wheatley

All grow at new southside community garden thanks to Wheatley

Wheatley Group environmental team leader Elliott Gibb, Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenant William Eadie and Kennishead Larder co-ordinator Suzanne Oliver

Disused land in the southside of Glasgow has been transformed into a vibrant community garden where locals can come together and connect.

The project was brought to life after Wheatley Homes Glasgow – part of Wheatley, Scotland’s leading housing, care and property management group – asked the local community what they would like to see in the area.

The garden – at Kennishead Avenue in Kennishead – will give residents the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

One of the residents, Carol Ann Joyce, said: “I’ve stayed in Kennishead for 53 years and the work being done just now makes me so proud of the area.

“The garden will be a great opportunity to get the residents out of their blocks and mingling with each other again.

“Me and a few other residents are looking forward to the summer holidays when children round here will have an opportunity to muck in.

“We can’t thank Wheatley Homes Glasgow enough for the impact that they have made in the Avenue over the last few years.”

Another resident, William Eadie, added: “I’m delighted the garden is opening. Gardening is a huge hobby of mine and, as I stay in the high flats, I need to travel to allotments and other communities to get any gardening done.

“With the community garden now going to be on my doorstep, you’ll never get me out of it.”

Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenant chair Bernadette Hewitt said: “Sustainability and community are at the forefront of this project, and the garden will really bring the area to life for our tenants and locals to enjoy.

“It was designed and built with input from the local community, and we’re grateful for their involvement. In addition to fruit and vegetables, when complete, the garden will feature planters built from recycled materials collected by our Neighbourhood Environmental Teams (NETs) and flowers hand-grown by tenants.

“There will also be a purpose-built composting area, where our NETs will leave biodegradable waste for on-site concierge staff to compost. This will then be used in the garden and offered to community groups.”

The announcement of the garden follows the opening of Kennishead Larder, a joint project between Wheatley Homes Glasgow and Good Food Scotland, which has enabled locals to access heavily discounted food and other household essentials to help ease the strain of the cost-of-living crisis.

The fruit and vegetables grown in the garden will be sold to Kennishead Larder to distribute back to the community.

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