ANCHO confirms ballot result date for proposed Cairn partnership

ANCHO tenants in North Ayrshire are being urged cast their vote to ensure their voice is heard in the ballot to decide on a proposed partnership with Cairn Housing Association.

According to ANCHO, the reception from tenants has been very positive so far but the housing association is keen that as many as possible take part.

The ballot for ANCHO tenants to cast their vote on the partnership closes on Friday 15 June, having been open since 18 May. ANCHO has also announced that the result of the ballot will be published by Thursday 22 June.

Ballot papers are being reissued shortly to those who have yet to cast their vote, with ANCHO tenants able to easily vote by post, phone, text message or online.

If tenants vote in favour of the proposal, ANCHO will form a partnership with Cairn Housing Association, but maintain its own identity, with services still being delivered by the existing local team in Irvine.

ANCHO has promised the partnership will bring considerable benefits to tenants, which include:

  • Local services from the ANCHO team in Irvine, with support from Cairn.
  • £4.5m in additional investment from the Cairn Group, with hundreds of new kitchens and other home improvements.
  • An affordable rent guarantee for five years, with lower rent increases than proposed by a stand-alone ANCHO
  • The potential to develop new affordable homes in North Ayrshire
  • Lorna Scott, ANCHO housing officer, said: “I have worked for ANCHO for 17 years and care deeply about what happens to ANCHO tenants. That is why we want to encourage every tenant to vote, as the partnership promises can’t be delivered without tenants voting ‘yes’.

    “We have been very proactive in providing information to our tenants and answering their questions about what this partnership will mean for them. I want to make sure everyone takes this opportunity to make sure their voice is heard in the vote.

    “All ballots must be completed by Friday 15 June, so this really is the last chance for people to vote.”

    Jason MacGilp, chief executive of Cairn, said: “I have spent a lot of time in North Ayrshire, with the ANCHO team and speaking to tenants on the doorstep. It is clear they all care about this community and I want to make sure as many as possible give their opinion by taking part in the ballot.

    “It’s a great offer to the tenants of ANCHO and we’re really looking forward to working together with ANCHO. However, if tenants don’t come out to vote YES then the benefits of the partnership won’t happen. Please use your vote.”

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