Angus Council agrees budget for 2020/21

Angus Council agrees budget for 2020/21

The 2020/21 budget proposed by Angus Council’s administration was set at a special meeting of full council on Friday, with an agreement reached to raise council tax by 3%.

The council said that the equivalent of 269 new houses expected to raise £315k of extra income. It argued that the more attractive it makes Angus to live in, the more this will rise, bringing broader prosperity to the county.

Angus Council will also increase its Green Bin charge to £30 for 2020/21 and then be frozen at this level for the duration of the current administration.

The council said that when this years funding is added to the savings that we have had to make over the last three years and are likely to have to make over the next two years, the cumulative savings come to about £61.7m per year.

This is equal to 22% of the council’s present revenue budget of £283m per year.

Angus Council said it does not want to ask the citizens of Angus to pay a higher council tax rise than the rate of inflation.

Detailing the budget, Councillor Angus Macmillan, the council’s deputy leader and finance convener, said: “We are very aware that Council Tax rises have a major effect on middle and lower-income working and retired families. It is all too easy for politicians to put up taxes and spend other people’s money.

“But we have to provide essential services, many mandated by government. We are fortunate in having made huge improvements to the efficiency of Angus Council over the last 3 or so years, so Angus Council is in a better place than many. Great credit should go to our officers for this.

“On balance, we think that a Council Tax increase for 2020/21 of 3% is fair to our citizens and allows Angus Council to provide for its budget for next year and to plan for the future. This should keep Angus as having one of the lowest Council Tax rates in Scotland.”

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