Angus Council renews commitment to reducing the impact of child poverty

Angus Council is set to renew its commitment to tackling child poverty in Angus when the committee meets on Thursday this week to approve the Joint Child Poverty Local Action Report 2021.

The Angus Joint Child Poverty Local Action Plan 2021 is built upon the three drivers of poverty: income from employment, reducing the cost of living and income from social security benefits and benefits in kind.

Key activities highlighted in the plan include maximising income from benefits, improving referral pathways within health so that children and families receive the support they need and providing holiday initiatives to ensure young people have healthy activities.

The council will also conduct covid-19 specific interventions to make sure local people have the support they need.

Councillor Derek Wann, Angus Council’s children and learning convener, said: “In Angus there are 4,273 children living in poverty. Many families are experiencing considering hardship, seeing their household income reduce and early evidence shows the impact of Covid is adding to this.

“The action plan highlights the progress made so far and a commitment from the council and partners to build upon these positive changes and develop them to get our child poverty work back where it should be with increased vigour, commitment and drive.”

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