Approval for Angus digester plant with capacity to power 3,000 homes

Hatton FarmPlans for an anaerobic digester plant with the capacity to produce enough energy for 3,000 homes have been given the green light by Angus Council.

The Courier has reported that the Hatton Farm project by Clova Renewables will stretch over almost two hectares to the south of the A92 Dundee to Arbroath dual carriageway, surrounded by farmland which will be used to grow crops including maize, rye and sugar beet for the digester plant.

Planning officials have put an odour management condition in place to control the risk that the smell of hydrogen sulphide might drift over the nearby East Haven community.

The official report recommending conditional approval highlighted a visit made by Angus officials to an operational anaerobic digester plant near Wormit in Fife which was described as being very similar to the planned Angus project in terms of feed stock, processes and the proximity to residential neighbours.

Hatton Farm2The report stated: “On the basis of that site visit and assessment to the relevant information the environmental health service is satisfied that, subject to controls on the type of feed material to be used in the process and how the process is managed, the odour impact associated with the proposed development should not be significant.

“The proposal is considered to be an appropriate diversification of the agricultural operation at Hatton Farm that would not unduly compromise local amenity or environmental quality.”

The applicant’s agent, Heinz Voigt, told councillors the plant would operate “with minimal or no impact on nearby properties and little visual impact on the surrounding area”.

Arbroath councillor David Fairweather said: “I notice that the East Haven residents are extremely concerned about odour.

“They have done a fantastic job in bringing visitors to the area, it’s a lovely walk along the coast to Arbroath and I can understand that people are going to be concerned about possible odours.

“There’s a condition put in and the council can go back if there is an issue with odour so hopefully this will give the residents of East Haven some comfort.”

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