Barrhead Housing Association secures £100,000 in lottery funding

Barrhead Housing Association has hit the jackpot after being awarded £100,000 by The National Lottery for an ambitious new project.

The cash will be used to support the Brighter Future Barrhead initiative, which aims to empower local residents and enhance their health and wellbeing.  

Around 200 people, including 10 volunteers, will take part in the two-year project which will focus on the following key themes:  

  1. Families on low incomes are managing their finances appropriately, enabling them to make their resources go further and are accessing all financial entitlements they are eligible for.
  2. Reducing food insecurities by introducing a family cooking programme in primary schools during term time engaging families at risk of food poverty and engaging parents and children to cook together and help tackle the issue of holiday hunger.
  3. Regular family hubs in the community offering parent-led activities for pre-school children and providing healthy snacks.
  4. Reduce the household spend of families on low incomes to increase the amount of money available to families.
  5. Health and wellbeing supported programmes increasing uptake of health facilities in the local area and complimentary access to local leisure facilities through an incentivised programme
  6. Access to “House a Home” scheme offering package of home support for families who need it most. Will also include items such as flooring, energy efficient light bulbs and window coverings supporting fuel efficiencies in the home through local social enterprise.
  7. Helping Families in other ways through:
  • Place-based approach to Family Hubs engaging families and providing opportunity for children to play, to engage and for parents to get involved.
  • Raising awareness and building confidence – offering Parenting Matters and a Parent Development Award
  • Support to local toddler groups to allow delivery by local volunteers and to engage local families socially
  1. Introduction of the BHA Community Fund based on a Participatory Budgeting model aligned to BHA’s aims and objectives within their Community Regeneration Strategy

Shirley Robison, chief executive officer at Barrhead Housing Association, said: “The Brighter Future Barrhead project will tackle poverty and inequality for families through a co-ordinated partner and community volunteer approach, with BHA as the lead delivery and managing partner. It will allow us to further develop our successful community regeneration programmes across the Barrhead area and continue to support our tenants and the wider community.”

Neil Ritchie, director of the National Lottery Community Fund in Scotland, said the award for the Brighter Future Barrhead initiative is well deserved.

He added: “This is an important project which will support people now and in the future when they can physically come back together to make great things happen in their community.”

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