Black’s Blog: Jimmy Black is puzzled about sheltered housing

Jimmy Black
Jimmy Black

Sheltered housing generally involves a warden call system. If tenants press their buttons when the wardens have gone home, the alarm may go through to the council’s community alarm system. Two systems? Why does there need to be two systems which effectively do the same thing?

Modern digital telecare systems can point at sheltered housing wardens during the day, and then automatically switch to call centres or community alarm centres at night. Is there really a need to have a separate system using different technology which needs procured, maintained and sometimes manually switched over at the end of each day? Do tenants really want two electronic boxes in their homes, when one would do?

The integration of health and social care offers real opportunities for collaboration between sections which have traditionally worked independently. It’s not just about cost effectiveness and large savings. It’s about a better service for residents and access to a wider range of telecare kit which can help people live independently for longer.

Dundee City Council has a cheap and cheerful online video which describes the telecare kit it provides, including epilepsy sensors, door alarms and other useful stuff. If you’re involved with care in any way, it’s worth a look.

Cllr Jimmy Black works for Dundee Voluntary Action promoting Technology Enabled Care.

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