Blackwood drives forward energy efficiency with eco car

IMG_6440Housing and care provider Blackwood has invested in a brand new eco-friendly car to energise its care at home service in Stirling.

In a move that will appeal to the increasingly environmentally-conscious, Blackwood’s Broom Court development, which provides at home support for people with physical disabilities, has acquired the e-car to enhance its services in the community.

Taking inspiration from the Stirling Car Club scheme, where multiple people share an e-car, the vehicle will ensure Blackwood’s staff have access to a reliable mode of transport to travel to and from the homes of customers and are not reliant on public transport around Stirling’s one way system.

The car is highly energy efficient and meets the Scottish Government’s objectives to reduce carbon emissions, with a single charge lasting for 100 miles. It can also be charged at Broom Court’s solar panel installation, as well as at any of Stirling’s many charging ports located across the city.

Fanchea Kelly, chief executive of Blackwood, said: “This is a key move for Blackwood, as we are continuously striving to become a more eco-friendly housing and care provider.

“Having the vehicle means that not only are we saving on daily emissions when staff travel to visit customers, but it also encourages them to leave their own cars at home and use other means of transport to get to work, knowing the e-car is available when they get here.

“So far, we’re very pleased with how the scheme is running and we’re optimistic that we will soon be able to roll it out wider at our developments across Scotland.”

Malcolm McRobert, locations manager for Scotland at Eurocar’s E-Car club, helped Blackwood acquire the eco-friendly vehicle and firmly believes it is a very positive step for the organisation.

He said: “The Scottish Government is very keen on reducing the numbers of car journeys and, where possible, encourages people to use an ultra-low emission vehicle for any journeys that are made.

“So what Blackwood is doing is bang on for what the Scottish Government targets are, and is an all round win: good for staff, good for the environment and good for cost.”

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