Blackwood invests £2m in housing stock

Max Brown
Max Brown

Customers at a leading Scottish housing and care provider have benefited from an investment of over £2 million in its housing stock over the past year.

Blackwood has used a grant of £500,000 from the Scottish Government on adaptions of its properties, while a further £1.7 million has been invested in its housing.

The adaptations help allow customers to live as independently as possible, while the investment in housing has been used on upgrades such as new windows and doors.

Blackwood operate a portfolio of more than 1500 homes throughout the country making it a leader in helping those who are disabled, elderly or with sensory impairments to live more independently.

Blackwood chair Max Brown revealed the figures at its sport and activity themed AGM, held recently at the National Sports Centre in Largs, North Ayrshire.

In his speech to an audience which included more than 100 tenants, he said: “We are dedicated to being more than just a typical landlord.

“Throughout the year Blackwood has completed a number of improvements to our properties, such as replacement windows, doors, kitchens and heating systems. This investment totals £1.7 million.

“On top of that we were lucky enough to be awarded the second largest grant for adaptations by the Scottish Government. This has allowed us to spend £500,000 on improving our customers’ homes, through different adaptations, to ensure we enable our customers to live as independently as possible.”

The sporting-themed Blackwood AGM offered its customers the chance to try various sports and activities such as wheelchair basketball, dance and archery.

The National Sports Centre – designed to be inclusive for users of all physical and sensory ability - also allowed Blackwood customers to use the accessible gym and participate in sports such as archery and wheelchair basketball.

Max added: “Our ethos on the delivery of excellent care continues to be centred on our customers’ needs. It is this continuing focus over the coming year that will ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

“We will also continue to work closely with the Scottish Government to ensure the provision of adaptations can grow. And we will constantly look at different ways to improve and adapt our properties.”

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