Blackwood tenant goes into extra time with CleverCogs

Scott Robb
Scott Robb

An Ayrshire man has shared how his life changed after being kitted out with an innovative, digitally enhanced care system.

Scott Robb, who has Cerebral Palsy, has been a tenant at Blackwood’s St Leonards development for 16 years and has seen his life become easier as a result of CleverCogs, being incorporated into his day-to-day life.

By tailoring each device to the customers’ individual needs and wants, it provides quick and easy access to all their interests. Whether it is football, music or history, it’s all available.

The Blackwood bespoke system is being rolled out across the country and gives users control over their care and support. It also enables customers to browse the web, email, do their shopping and even catch up with friends and family.

A football fanatic, Scott has been active in Powerchair Football for more years than he can remember and believes CleverCogs has helped him keep up-to-date with the sport and his team mates.

Scott said: “I truly believe CleverCogs is a system that should be made available to everyone, no matter where they are.

“Having CleverCogs has made so many different tasks easier, online banking, keeping up with the football, speaking with my team mates, and contacting staff, friends and family has been made a simple job. It is just a fantastic piece of technology that really helps with activities that a lot of people might take for granted.”

Beginning his playing life at Clyde Caledonia, he eventually made the move to St Leonards’ local side South Ayrshire Tigers, where he is hoping the team can be champions in this year’s Muscular Dystrophy UK Scottish Powerchair Premiership.

Mr Robb found himself feeling very confident about working the system from the day it was installed.

Scott added: “For me, I wasn’t too worried by being able to use CleverCogs and as I have a PC it wasn’t difficult to get used to. Since getting the new tablet for CleverCogs it has become even simpler to use and I’m positive everyone, no matter the experience of technology, could work it.

“The system has everything I need, it’s easy to use and I wouldn’t change or improve anything about it.”

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