Call for housebuilders to adhere to minimum room sizes

Alex Johnstone
Alex Johnstone

Housebuilders should adopted a voluntary code to end “rabbit hutch housing”, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

Many Scottish families are facing cramped living conditions with some flats and houses falling short of the minimum space standards.

Currently, the average new build property covers just 76sqm compared to double that amount of 137sqm in other European countries.

Now, a motion has been lodged in the Scottish Parliament calling for everyone in the construction business to work together to adopt a set of voluntary rules.

The code would see a minimum floor space and storage standards in new build homes across Scotland.

Research suggests that cramped living conditions and overcrowding can lead to depression, the breakdown of relationships as well as physical symptoms such as asthma.

And poor housing conditions can also have an impact on the social and physical development of children.

Scottish Conservative housing spokesman and north east Scotland MSP Alex Johnstone said: “There are many families suffering from overcrowded living conditions in Scotland and this is something which needs urgently addressed.

“Cramped flats and houses with limited rooms and storage space can lead to all sorts of problems – including both physical and mental illnesses.

“That is why I am urging a new voluntary code to be adopted to put an end rabbit hutch houses.

“If housebuilders and construction companies worked together to change this, it would benefit so many people, giving a better quality of life.

“Scotland has a good record on improving specifications in the construction of new homes, especially with regard to insulation. However, many people are still living in shoeboxes and that is not a good life for anyone.

“That’s why I’m urging the Nationalist government, construction companies, local authorities and other housing professionals to make cramped living conditions a thing of the past.”

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