CIH Scotland supports accelerated programme for energy efficiency

CIH Scotland has called for the introduction of a minimum energy efficiency standard of EPC C for all homes by 2030, including owner occupied homes.

CIH Scotland supports accelerated programme for energy efficiency

The Scottish Government’s consultation on an Energy Efficient Scotland, a route map for improving the energy efficiency of homes and buildings across Scotland, currently suggests that regulations for owner occupied homes will not be considered until after 2030, with a view to achieving EPC C by 2040.

While homes in the private rented sector will be required to achieve EPC C by 2030, even more ambitious targets have been set out for homes in the social rented sector.

Although the Scottish Government has expressed concerns with the cost and the ability of the supply chain to scale up, a survey of energy efficiency suppliers and installers suggests that the sector could meet the increase in demand. 90% of respondents to a survey conducted by Existing Homes Alliance Scotland indicated that EPC C would be achievable for the vast majority of homes by 2030.

Ashley Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland, said: “Owner occupation makes up 58% of the housing sector and if we are to reduce fuel poverty and meet ambitious climate change targets, we need to do more to support home owners to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes.

“Regulations, alongside advice, information and financial support for owners will be needed to achieve real change – business as usual is simply not good enough.

“EPC C by 2030 is achievable and has been endorsed by the Scottish Parliament, but home owners need to be given as much time as possible to plan for improvement work. We think that every person in Scotland should be able to live in a warm home regardless of tenure.”

Last week the Scottish Government announced funding of £3.5 million for social landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. The funding is being provided for measures such as insulation and internal improvements to social rented accommodation.

CIH Scotland’s full response to the consultation is available here.

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