Clackmannanshire issues invitation for proposals for City Region Deal Funding

A call has gone out to local organisations encouraging them to put forward their proposals for part of the promised funding from the UK Government as part of the City Region Deal in Clackmannanshire.

The appeal was launched at the first formal meeting of the Clackmannanshire Commission.

The UK Government has committed up to £8 million for capital projects to boost innovation, internationalisation and economic transformation.

Clackmannanshire Council leader Ellen Forson said: “The offer of funding made in the Heads of Terms is an exciting opportunity, but we need to put forward strong proposals if we are to secure all the investment over the next 15 years. We would strongly encourage eligible organisations to put forward their potential projects.”

The Clackmannanshire Commission is a partnership of local public, private and third sector organisations acting as an advisory board, guiding investment, project development and prioritisation. Commissioners will be active participants in driving inclusive economic growth through the City Region Deal and other local and regional programmes.

The UK and Scottish Governments are investing over £90 million in Stirling and Clackmannanshire through an ambitious City Region Deal. This deal will unlock economic opportunities across the whole of the region, delivering new and up-skilled jobs across a range of sectors.

The guidance and application form can be found at the council’s City Deal web site.

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