Clyde waterfront and Glasgow Airport projects to deliver new homes

Clyde waterfront regenrationPlans have been submitted for two major infrastructure projects which aim to support the delivery of almost 2,000 new homes to the Clyde waterfront and near Glasgow Airport.

A planning application has been submitted to authorities in Renfrewshire, Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire for the £90.7 million Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project, which aims to regenerate the Clyde Waterfront as an area supporting residential, industrial, business, retail and leisure opportunities.

The project, led by Renfrewshire Council as part of the £1.13 billion Glasgow City Region City Deal, includes construction of the only opening road bridge across the River Clyde and new roads and cycle routes to better link the communities of Renfrew with Yoker and Clydebank.

Clyde waterfront regenration 3The Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside will include:

  • A 184 metre, two-lane opening bridge across the River Clyde, linking Meadowside Street in Renfrew with Dock Street in Yoker and accommodating vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A 750 metre Renfrew North Development Road to link Meadowside Street to the A8 at Argyll Avenue in Renfrew.
  • New cycle lanes and connections to existing cycleways and active travel paths, connecting from Inchinnan Road, Renfrew through to Yoker Railway Station.
  • New bridge approach roads providing access to the River Clyde crossing from existing roads
  • Active travel routes of pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes incorporated into all new roads and bridges
  • Renfrewshire Council said this will attract £282m in private sector investment, deliver 1690 new homes and bring back 83 hectares of land into use.

    It will also create 1015 jobs during the construction period and 629 permanent jobs as a result of new business creation.

    Clyde waterfront regenration 2Plans for the £39.1m Glasgow Airport Investment Area project are also being submitted to Renfrewshire planning officials.

    Construction of a new bridge over the White Cart, realignment of Abbotsinch Road, and new cycle routes form the project proposals to improve connections between the existing Westway, Inchinnan and Airport business parks.

    It will also facilitate the creation of a world class business and commercial location in the heart of Renfrewshire, connected by air, sea and land.

    Clyde waterfront regenration 4The Glasgow Airport Investment Area will include:

    • Realignment and upgrading of Abbotsinch Road – including 1620 metres of new road – to establish a high quality gateway into the new investment area
    • A new 70 metre, two-lane bridge over the White Cart river from Wright Street to an approach road off Arran Avenue
    • Active travel routes of pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes incorporated into all new roads and bridges
    • A 2030 metre off-road cycleway connecting the realigned Abbotsinch Road to Inchinnan Business Park
    • A 100 metre cycleway and pedestrian bridge spanning the Black Cart
    • It is hoped the project will support the continued expansion of Glasgow Airport and bring £430m in private sector investment.

      Renfrewshire Council also said the scheme will create 365 jobs during construction and up to 10,600 jobs as a result of new business creation in the Investment Area.

      Other anticipated project benefits include the delivery of 250 new homes and 60 hectares of vacant and derelict land being brought back into use.

      Bob Grant, chief executive of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, said the City Deal projects would bring jobs and business benefits to the local area.

      He said: “These projects offer tremendous benefits for local businesses and have the potential to transform how we do business in Renfrewshire.

      “These major infrastructure investments will make it easier for employers to do business, easier for employees to get to and from their places of work and open up the potential for future investment.

      “Around 1,400 jobs are expected during the construction period and a further 11,000 permanent jobs could be created through existing business expansion and new businesses being attracted to the area as a result of the City Deal infrastructure investment.”

      He added: “Improved connections will also benefit the public and local employers, with 59,000 jobs becoming more accessible to Renfrewshire residents.

      “I am very excited at the potential of the Glasgow Airport Investment Area to bring highly-skilled jobs to the area. The signs are already there - the first minister recently announced that an £8.9m specialist centre to develop new manufacturing processes for lightweight materials for the aerospace and automotive industries will be established here in Renfrewshire.

      “It has been encouraging to see the public are firmly behind these projects and I look forward to seeing the work get under way. These are key projects in the Glasgow City Region City Deal, which has the potential to unlock £3.3bn in private sector investment benefitting the whole region.”

      If approved, work on both projects is expected to start on site in 2018 with construction completed in 2020.

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