Clydebank Housing Association to host smart heat housing conference

West Dunbartonshire-based social landlord Clydebank Housing Association (CHA) is to host a ‘smart heat’ knowledge sharing conference in June.

The latest in the Smart Social Housing series of events, ‘Making Sense of Sensors’ will focus on the rise of smart heating and web enabled thermostats, and explore how new, remote home sensor technologies could revolutionise the management of housing stock.

Clydebank Housing Association to host smart heat housing conference

Keynote presentations will be delivered by CHA’s Jack Devlin, and Brian Martin from heat innovator Secure Meters.

Jack Devlin of CHA said: “We’ve been trialling smart heat controls in a variety of property types for a number of months now, so we feel hosting this event is a really useful way of sharing what we’ve learnt with our industry peers.

“Improving the cost and efficiency of domestic heat is such a massive issue in Scotland, and we’re all too aware how big a hardship fuel poverty is for thousands of households across the country.

“I’m convinced that new connected, web-enabled technology will eventually have a big part to play in not only reducing fuel bills, also but improving the home environment and the service we offer our customers.”

Jack added: “It’s still early days for CHA in this area. Technology will play a huge part in tackling fuel poverty and we feel we’ve taken a step in the right direction. We’re happy to share what we’ve learnt so far and further explore what benefits smart controls can bring to ourselves and our tenants.” 

Smart Social Housing is sponsored by Secure Meters (UK), which launched Beanbag, its first smart heat control for social landlords in 2017.

Market development manager Brian Martin said: “Smart Social Housing is all about helping social landlords share knowledge and good practice to advance innovation, so I’m sure there will be plenty of interest from Scottish landlords to learn from CHA’s experience.

“I’ll approach this event as another valuable opportunity to learn more about the challenges faced by landlords, and how developing and installing new connected technologies can help overcome them.”

The event takes place on the morning of June 4 at CHA’s main office and is free to attend for social housing professionals in Scotland. To register, please visit

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