Cycling in the sun proves a big success for Maryhill

The Maryhill cyclists about to set off
The Maryhill cyclists about to set off

Maryhill Housing colleagues got on their bike this week for some canalside cycling in the sun.

Nine took part in the six-mile cycle organised by the cycling development charity Free Wheel North.

Its aim is to work towards creating a fairer, healthier society by enabling people of all ages and abilities to cycle as part of their everyday life.

And the event along the Forth and Clyde canal meant Maryhill’s team enjoyed a pursuit which contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Each rider paid £5 and Maryhill Housing also made a donation to the work of Free Wheel North.

Jamie Ballantine of Maryhill Housing said: “We all think Free Wheel North is doing a good job. As a local charity it is encouraging people to get on bikes and explore local pathways and trails. So it’s good that we have been able to support them today.

“Our average speed on the cycle was 7.5mph - an ideal pace for taking in the sights of the canal on a sunny afternoon.”

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