Dundee steps up investment in energy efficient homes

Dundee City CouncilMore than £25 million has been spent on energy efficiency measures in Dundee homes in the past three years with another £3m in the pipeline.

The figures are revealed in reports set to go before councillors next week which detail progress towards the city’s drive to provide warm, high quality, affordable, low carbon homes for all.

John Alexander, convener of Dundee City Council’s neighbourhood services committee, said: “With funding coming from the council, Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland (HEEPS) and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) from the utility companies we are more than half way towards completing our target before the 2020 deadline.

“This programme has installed insulation at almost 2,000 homes giving their tenants and owner occupiers more fuel efficient, warmer and easier to heat homes and the next phase will bring those benefits to almost 800 more in this financial year.”

Cash for the next phase from all three sources will see properties in Wester Clepington, Fairbairn Street, Arklay Street and Wolseley Street provided with external wall insulation.

Turner FM, the contractor for these works have been procured by SSE who are project managing the programme on behalf of the council.

Other ongoing programmes are having a positive impact on the energy performance of houses in the city including heating replacement, in particular where an electric heating system is being replaced by energy efficient gas central heating and roof replacement providing enhanced levels of insulation.

Once works are complete all residents whose homes have benefited from the external wall insulation (EWI) programme are offered a visit from a DEEAP energy adviser to ensure that heating systems are set up to maximise savings, while at the same time ensuring people are comfortable with the temperature.

Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out at the end of the work on how it was done and to gauge residents’ views on the complete package from initial information /consultation to completion.

The EWI programme is particularly welcomed by householders because it increases comfort levels, reduces fuel bills, tackles fuel poverty and reduces carbon emissions, as well as improving the overall appearance of the area.

Residents have reported that 91 per cent of them feel warmer in their homes and 88 per cent were completely satisfied with the work carried out in the programme. As much as 88 per cent of respondents have turned their heating down.

A total of 97 per cent of residents said their heating bills have gone down after EWI work was completed.

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