Early win for proposed Cairn and ANCHO partnership

John Davidson and Elaine Gibson size up Greg Johnston from Rodgers and Johnston for new repair contract
John Davidson and Elaine Gibson size up Greg Johnston from Rodgers and Johnston for new repair contract

Cairn and ANCHO, who are currently exploring the exciting possibility of a constitutional partnership, have announced a new responsive repairs partnership with Rodgers and Johnston.

The potential partnership would have a total of 4200 homes across 22 local authorities.

Cairn has worked with Rodgers and Johnston, a buildings and maintenance contractor based in North Lanarkshire, for the last five years but with the existing contract up for renewal it was an opportunity to test the market in a joint procurement exercise with ANCHO.

Cairn’s repairs in the Highlands will continue to be carried out by its own in-house repairs service HomeWorks.

Elaine Gibson, ANCHO’s director, said: “Our new contract with Rodgers and Johnston is a fantastic deal for ANCHO’s tenants, who can look forward to a top quality, tried and tested repairs service. There is much work to be done before we present a constitutional partnership with Cairn to a tenant ballot but this deal builds a strong case that working together will secure the best possible future for our tenants.”

John Davidson, Cairn’s director of customer services, said: “Our proposed constitutional partnership with ANCHO will make both organisations more financially resilient with reduced overhead costs meaning we can direct more resources towards providing services to tenants, investing in existing homes and building new homes.

“Our joint procurement with ANCHO and new contract with Rodgers and Johnston offers costs savings and performance improvements for tenants. We’re delighted to continue working with such valued partners.”

Greg Johnston, director at Rodgers and Johnston, added: “We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Cairn and we’re looking forward to extending our repairs service to ANCHO who can expect a high-quality service focussed on the needs of tenants.”

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