Elly Hoult wins CIH vice presidential election

Elly Hoult wins CIH vice presidential election

Elly Hoult

Elly Hoult FCIH has been chosen by Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) members as the organisation’s next vice president after a closely fought election period.

The chief operating officer at Peabody received more than 33% of the votes cast and was elected ahead of fellow candidates Alysha Burrell, Eileen Patterson and Hony Premlal.

Elly will officially become the vice president following the CIH’s annual general meeting in October 2023.

She said: “I am truly honoured and humbled to have been selected as the next vice president of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

“All the candidates were deserving this year and we should be proud that we have such good talent within the CIH. With a passion for professionalism, equity and a dedication to nurturing young talent I am really excited to get stuck in supporting Jill in her excellent campaign promoting membership. Thank you for your trust and encouragement.”

Geraldine Howley, chair of CIH’s governing board, said: “As a dedicated and truly passionate housing professional, I am looking forward to welcoming Elly to our presidential team in October.

“We had four incredible candidates for this year’s election – Alysha, Eileen and Hony should be extremely proud of their campaign and their phenomenal commitment to the housing sector. I’d like to say a personal thank you to all three of you for supporting CIH and our members.”

Elly’s manifesto is in full below:

I’m thrilled to put myself forward as a candidate for the role of vice president of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH). With a passion for professionalism, dedication to fostering young talent, commitment to advancing the housing sector, and a strong advocate for equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), I believe I possess the qualities needed to take on this role.

Having started my career as a supported housing officer and currently serving as the chief operating officer at Peabody, I am deeply committed to the growth and development of our professional body. As vice president, I would proudly serve as an ambassador for CIH, leveraging my long-standing involvement with the organisation throughout my career.

I strongly believe in boosting professionalism in the sector and support the government’s drive to improve standards for residents. I’m committed to challenging the status quo and driving continuous improvement, understanding that professionalism lies at the core of delivering exceptional service and outcomes. Encouraging CIH members to embrace the new era of regulation, I will foster a culture of growth and advancement ensuring professionalism becomes a driving force in all aspects of our work.

Recognising the importance of nurturing young talent, I played a pivotal role in founding CIH Futures and will passionately champion its expansion. It is crucial to provide young members with platforms to connect, learn, and grow within the housing profession. As vice president, I will empower young professionals to become the leaders of tomorrow, offering mentorship, guidance, and support. Their fresh perspectives and innovative solutions will help our sector meet current and future challenges for the benefit of residents and communities.

I’ll be a champion and an advocate for housing professionals, amplifying their voice and utilising their experience and expertise. Working alongside the governing board chair, I’ll actively seek to shape and influence housing policies that prioritise the needs and rights of residents. Leveraging my position as a speaker and spokesperson at CIH and other events, I’ll address the challenges faced by the sector and develop solutions in partnership with our members.

I firmly believe in the values of inclusivity and diversity, which are integral to CIH’s core principles. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. I firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive profession leads to better outcomes for residents and communities. As vice president, I’ll ensure that CIH remains at the forefront of promoting diversity, breaking down barriers and fostering a truly inclusive housing sector for all. I am dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and advocating for policies and practices that advance social justice within the profession.

In conclusion, my passion for professionalism, dedication to fostering young talent, commitment to advancing the housing sector, and unwavering support for equality, diversity, and inclusion make me an ideal candidate for the role of vice president of CIH. With your support, I am confident in my ability to fulfil the criteria outlined and contribute to the continued success and growth of CIH and its members.

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